It’s about time you quit saying “diet starts tomorrow”

Master sustainable eating habits, stop obsessing about food and reach your nutrition goals.

You can feel better in your body without losing the foods you love.


Countless women go through a vicious cycle when it comes to nutrition and weight loss:

  1. They feel unhappy in their body and stuck in some sort of binge/restrict cycle. You know, “good” during the week, “bad” on the weekend…?

  2. So they keep looking for a solution that claims to “solve all your problems.” Cue: the endless parade of detoxes, supplements, and 30 day diets with random rules and restrictions.

  3. They adopt said diet that requires unhealthy levels of restriction and a constant obsession about what you can and can’t eat. (Seriously…you should be able to order rice with your sushi, damnit!)

  4. Then they can’t stick with the diet because it was too unsustainable in the first place, literally setting them up for failure.

  5. And now they feel even worse about themselves because they’re seemingly the only one who can’t stick to this diet. They believe their willpower is the problem, not the diet…

  6. So they adopt a “screw it” mentality and, at best, they resort to their previous eating habits. At worst, they’re left with seriously disordered eating habits that will take years of work to unlearn.

  7. Repeat.