Hungry yet? Here are the key the ingredients.

(AKA what’s inside the program):


Fully personalized calorie and macro targets plus a custom meal plan, so you don’t have to follow a cookie-cutter standard.

I will personally calculate your calorie and macronutrient needs and put together a meal plan completely customized to your food preferences. You’ll then be able to reference it all throughout the program and long after.

20+ video modules to dive deep into the most fundamental components of nutrition and answer the hard questions we all struggle with.

These lessons are super in-depth and are the key to helping you assemble those essential nutrition building blocks to take with you for life. Each week, you’ll receive access to modules that contain videos and handouts related to the week’s materials.

Six 1:1 check-ins with your RD

These check-ins are designed to give you personalized feedback outside of the group. This is where we can help you make tweaks to your individual plan. Not making the progress you want? We’ll help you identify what you need to change!

Twice monthly live Q&A Calls so you get direct access to me (a registered dietitian nutritionist) and your fellow students.

Submit your questions beforehand and get a chance to receive 1:1 feedback. All calls are recorded and reposted so you can always learn from everyone else’s experiences too, even if you can’t make the odd call.

Hundreds of nutrition cheat sheets and resources so you never have to feel stuck on “what to eat”.

We’re constantly updating the program with amazing resources. You’ll find stacks of cheat sheets like meal prep lists, dining out guides, recipes, tracking sheets, and more.

Accountability and community so you don’t feel like you’re going at it alone.

You’ll get to join my private Facebook group, a place to ask me all your questions and engage with a community of people with shared goals. You’ll also get constant messaging access to me and your fellow students through the Practice Better App.

MyFitnessPal Tutorials and 30 page guide to take the guesswork out of tracking your food.

You’ll learn to use this app to get a clear bird’s eye view of your habits, goals, and trends. If you’ve used it before and felt frustrated or confused, I’ve taken all the guesswork out of it. I’ll show you all the shortcuts and best practices to track your food efficiently and effectively.

Shopping lists and brand guides so you can stop feeling stuck at the grocery store.

You’ll get tips on what to buy from your favorite stores (e.g. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Costco etc.) plus brand recommendations you can find at your local grocery store.

Weekly workouts so you can match your new food knowledge with movement that feels amazing.

Including science-based exercise education as well as pre- and post- workout nutrition guidance.