The Video Modules

Curious about the video content? here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn.

  • How to calculate your calorie and macronutrient needs

  • How to structure your day

  • Calories

  • Carbohydrates and Fiber

  • Fat

  • Protein

  • How to Read a Food Label

  • Weight Fluctuations

  • Hot Topics in Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting, Sugar Substitutes, Collagen, Celery Juice, Dairy, Hormones

  • Choosing Recipes That Fit Your Goals

  • Freezer Friendly Meals

  • Dining Out

  • 10 Minute Meals

  • Alcohol

  • How to Use a Food Scale

  • MyFitnessPal Tutorials: Initial Set Up, How To Log Your Food, Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts, How To Enter Recipes, How to Log Alix Turoff Nutrition Meals, How to View Net Carbs, Modifying Recipes, How to Log a Salad, MFP Audits

  • Overcoming The Binge-Restrict Cycle

  • Finding Your Why

  • Exercise Fundamentals