Mindful Eating For Athletes


Episode 42 | 08 December 2020

On this episode of the Alix Turoff Nutrition podcast, Alix sits down with Brittany who is a Registered Dietitian and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics practicing in the Dallas, TX area.

Show Notes:

She has several years of experience in collegiate athletics and has also worked with military, youth, and high-school level athletes. Her work with youth athletes specifically opened her eyes to how early in our lives we are exposed to diet culture and the concept that some foods are “good” while others are “bad.” This is when Brittany first became passionate about helping athletes improve their relationships with food, not just their performance!

Brittany created Fueled & Well after taking a good look around the nutrition space and realizing that very few dietitians have tried to bring the principles of mindful eating and sports nutrition together. Athletes and active individuals have unique nutrition needs and, as such, require a different approach than the general population when it comes to nutrition and developing a healthy relationship with food. Brittany loves supporting athletes and active individuals on their journey to leaving the diet mentality, tracking, and food stress behind.

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