Plant Powered Kidneys


Episode 75 | 29 March 2022

On this episode of the Alix Turoff Nutrition podcast, Alix sits down with Jen Hernandez RDN, CSR, LDN.

Jen Hernandez is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in renal nutrition.

Jen started her renal nutrition journey working in dialysis. She heard the fears and regrets from her dialysis patients over and over. They wished they had the information and support earlier in their CKD journey to prevent dialysis.

It was then that Jen founded Plant-Powered Kidneys. Jen uses her virtual private practice to help people in all stages of kidney disease, from stage one through transplant, to provide evidence-based nutrition guidelines and recommendations.

The patients and students of Plant-Powered Kidneys learn and implement the fundamentals to keep their kidney function so that they can delay or even prevent kidney failure and the need for dialysis.

Jen and her dietitians work privately with people in the United States. Jen also runs a 6-week online program open to those with early stage CKD.


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