Skinny Ginger Margarita




Whenever I go out for drinks, I always scan the menu for something with ginger. I love using ginger and other herbs and spices to enhance drinks (and food too!) without having to add sugar.

It’s absolutely possible to have a “fancy cocktail” without gulping down a boat load of sugar, you just have to be creative!

One of my favorite and most simple tips for when you’re out at a restaurant or bar is to ask the bar tender to prepare whatever drink it is you want WITHOUT SUGAR or with LESS SUGAR. They will look at you funny and you will just look back at them, confident because you get to have a delicious cocktail without being 300 calories in a hole.

I’ve been using the NuNaturals Simple Syrup for cocktails at home but you can absolutely use another sweetener of your choice!

Skinny Ginger Margarita

Serves: 2


  • For salt: ½ tbsp kosher salt, ¼ tsp freshly grated ginger, lime wedge

  • Ice

  • 4 fl oz Tequila

  • 3 fl oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

  • 2 fl oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

  • 1 tsp NuNaturals Ginger Syrup (or 1.25 oz homemade Ginger Syrup)

  • 1 fl oz seltzer

  • Optional Garnish: Lime and/or candied ginger


  1. To make your salt, combine kosher salt and freshly grated ginger in a small bowl (choose a bowl that will fit the rim of your glass)

  2. To salt the rim of your glass, take a lime wedge and coat the rim. Dip in salt mixture and rotate glass until coated.

  3. Fill your glass with ice and set aside.

  4. Fill a cocktail shaker with additional ice and add tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and ginger syrup.

  5. Close shaker and shake for ~30 seconds. Strain into rimmed glass with ice.

  6. Top with seltzer

  7. Garnish with lime wedges and/or candied ginger

Nutrition Facts (per 1 Margarita, 1/2 Recipe): 155 Calories, 0 g Fat, 7 g Carbohydrate, 0 g Fiber, 0 g Protein