How to stay healthy in college


Episode 13 | 10 March 2020

On this episode of the Alix Turoff Nutrition podcast, Alix sits down with Lauren Smith to discuss all things healthy eating in college and beyond.

Show Notes:

Lauren Smith is a Registered Dietitian and founder of The Sorority Nutritionist. After gaining nearly 20 pounds her freshman year of college and feeling so lost when it came to nutrition, Lauren was left feeling insecure in her body and lacked confidence in herself. Determined to lose the weight, Lauren did what any sorority sister would do: turn to celebrities, social media and what her friends were doing to lose weight. Unfortunately, this led her down a path of restrictive eating, stress and anxiety when it came to fueling her body!

After navigating diets that restricted her social life and caused major food guilt, her senior year of college she began to realize that her entire approach to nutrition was wrong. Flash forward 7 years, and Lauren founded The Sorority Nutritionist to share all that she’s learned throughout her weight loss and dieting journey.

She turned her biggest insecurity into her passion, and has helped hundreds of women just like you lose weight and gain confidence with her balanced and FUN weight loss method!

Some of the topics we covered in this episode include:

  • How to make better choices around alcohol

  • Good snack options to keep in your dorm

  • How to navigate the alcohol

  • Navigating eating disorders in your environment

  • College Friendships

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