See you in January!


Episode 103 | 7 November 2023

Join Alix in this special episode as she signs off for a seasonal break, returning this January recharged with more educational nutrition content.

In this episode, Alix shares her gratitude for the unwavering support from listeners that has carried the podcast past its 100th episode. 

In this episode….

  • Alix celebrates the milestone of crossing 100 episodes of her podcast

  • Alix announces a FREE workshop- ‘Tis The Season For Food Freedom. She gives all the details about the upcoming workshop. To register, go to

  • Alix acknowledges global events and the Israel-Hamas war. She shares a few thoughts and emotions about the recent tragic events, emphasizing peace, healing, and a hopeful vision for the future.

  • Alix announces her guest appearance on the Diet Starts Tomorrow Podcast. Listen to the episode on Apple podcasts or Spotify

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